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Why Tige?

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MB History

Tige History

It was over 28 years ago when Tige Boats officially entered the marine industry and presented its first inboard to the world. It started as most great ideas do, from the belief that things could be different, that things could be better.

From Tige's very first boat in the water, being named Rookie of the Year by Waterski Magazine, to the introduction of our wake-shaping technology that has shaped the industry, Tige has continued to innovate and refine the art and craft of boat building year after year. Since Tige's beginning, Tige has remained a family owned business placing relationships with their owners, dealer network and vendors as a priority.

Today, Tige keeps these values alive with one common goal in mind—to make your ride better than anything else on the water. Through a refined sense of aesthetics, precision manufacturing, and a love for watersports, Tige has set new standards in boat design and engineering. By personally engaging with and using their own products, Tige has introduced many innovative technologies and industry firsts, each one created to make your time behind the wheel or on your board as perfect as possible.

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